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A data analytics consultancy, led by Yuki Kakegawa, builds efficient analytics solutions that enable you to make intelligent business decisions.

Our Services

We have expertise across various areas of a data analytics project from data ingestion to transformation and visualization. Our goal is always to bring a positive outcome for businesses through data.

Data Ingestion

Are you trying to decide what data extraction tool is best for your business? Do you need the expertise to build efficient data ingestion pipelines?We're not only familiar with low-code data ingestion tools like Fivetran and Portable, but we're also competent in building custom scripts to ingest data from your systems through their APIs into your data warehouse.

Data Modeling and Transformation

Data models are the backbone of any successful data analytics project. Without well-architected data models, building out efficient downstream solutions will be a difficult task.We're here to build efficient analytical data models in your data warehouse with SQL/Python using a cloud data warehouse or lakehouse such as Snowflake, BigQuery, Databricks, and Microsoft Fabric.

Data Visualization

We build both interactive dashboards and static visualizations from which the business can derive actionable insights.We're experts in a few, popular BI products such as Power BI, Tableau, Looker, and Sigma Computing. We help your business by building BI solutions as well as training your existing resources on these tools.

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Whether you want to pick our brain on a data problem or to discuss potential projects, we'd love to hear from you.Feel free to send us a message using the form below, send an email to [email protected], or book a quick call with us.

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